Pediatric Dentistry
Pediatric dentists are the pediatricians for your children’s mouths, protecting them from harm in a way only someone who loves kids can.
Common Problems
And yes, those baby teeth are important for your child’s future development. Baby teeth pave the way for permanent ones to follow.
The secret to healthy teeth, gums and mouths is prevention. Begin this habit as soon as 1st tooth appears — and no later than their 1st birthday.

Pediatric Dentistry of Jersey City

Healthy kids are happy kids. The self-care habits that form in early childhood create the foundation for healthy adult teeth and gums. To help you keep your kids’ teeth strong and bright today — while fostering good habits for the future — find the best dentist. At True Dental Care for Kids and Teens, you’ll find compassionate dental care you can trust with your children’s teeth — from the cradle to college.

Your children’s health is the most important variable when it comes to choosing the best healthcare providers. But you want a kids dentist you like and one your kids like. Dr. Mila Cohen, so close to your home, has experience in all levels of children’s dentistry. Plus, the care and commitment make every visit as fun as can be.

True Dental Care for Kids and Teens
Dr. Mila Cohen, is dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through the teen years. She has the experience and top qualifications to care for a child’s teeth, gums and mouth throughout their childhood.

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Teeth Cleaning

Your children’s teeth affect everything from their physical appearance to their speech to their diet. Missing or damaged teeth as a result of poor dental hygiene can distort facial features and limit the foods your kids can eat. So you should know how to teach dental hygiene when your kids are still at a young age.

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Fluoride Treatment

Your Jersey City kids dentist is an ally in helping your children develop better habits for the years to come. Fluoride treatments are one of the best ways your dentist helps protect your children from cavities and tooth decay.

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Dental Sealants (BPA Free)

Dental sealants contain a special coating of resin that’s applied in a non-invasive procedure. It’s a white sealant that looks transparent on teeth. Your kids dentist in Jersey City places the sealant on the flat surfaces and other areas of the teeth where cavities may form.

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True Dental Care

Holistic Dentistry

You take your babies in for well-baby checkups. You call Mila Cohen in the middle of the night when you worry about a fever. Now you can give your children the same level of holistic care when it comes to protecting their teeth and oral health. Meet Dr. Mila Cohen, a Jersey City dentist trained specifically to treat babies, growing children and teens. She uses natural techniques and organic measures whenever possible. A good dentist plays an important role in your children’s overall health and development. Build that relationship early, and you’ll know who to turn to when your children’s teeth start coming in or when adolescent cavities start causing pain. But True Dental Care for Kids and Teens treats more than just the usual symptoms. This dentist Jersey City takes a “full mouth holistic approach” to address:

What Are You Waiting For?
Dr. Mila Cohen of True Dental Care knows how to make your kids feel comfortable. Mila Cohen knows how to avert their fears and approach them with age-appropriate language. Even the office and staff members are geared to their young patients with sensitivity and care.

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