Common Problems

Common Problems

Dentist plays an important role in your children’s overall health and development. Build that relationship early, and you’ll know who to turn to when your children’s teeth start coming in or when adolescent cavities start causing pain. But True Dental Care for Kids and Teens in Jersey City treats more than just the usual symptoms. Dentist, Dr. Mila Cohen takes a “full mouth approach” to address the most complex dentistry issues.

The secret to healthy teeth, gums and mouths is prevention. Just as you get your teeth cleaned professionally every six months, so should your children. Begin this habit as soon as the first tooth appears — and no later than their first birthday.

Finally, starting the practice of regular dental checkups in kids dentistry in Jersey City is a habit formed your adult child will thank you for forever. Dr. Mila Cohen provides treatment on a number of common problems, such as:

Prevention’s Always the Key

From the time your babies start teething until they move away as adults, you can’t watch them suffer without trying to help. Being unable to do anything is one of the worst feelings a parent endures. When your kids are young, they rely on you to keep them safe and healthy.

Ensure your kids get the most effective dental care available — at every age and through every stage. Get the information and guidance you need on a regular basis directly from your dentist. For example, did you know:

  • Teeth actually start developing in a six-week-old fetus.
  • Enamel begins to form on the outside of the teeth at about four month’s gestation.
  • Primary teeth start erupting from the gums when your child is between six and 12 months old. Every child is different, though, so trust your child’s dentist from the very start.
  • Those baby teeth will all have broken through the gum before age three. But girls tend to have a full mouth of teeth before boys.
  • Children get their first permanent teeth, lose their front baby teeth around the age of 6. The last baby tooth will fall out by 12.
  • In all, your teen will end up with 32 permanent teeth through adulthood.

Doctor’s Note:​ This information is only intended to provide general information, not definitive medical advice. Please consult a Dr. Mila Cohen about your specific condition for a conclusive diagnosis and treatment. Only a trained, dentist like Dr. Cohen can determine an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.