Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction pediatric dentist jersey city NJ

Let’s face it; accidents can happen when kids play like they don’t have a care in the world. And while they may not have any cares, you sure do. They’re rough, full of energy and sometimes even a little reckless. They’re also the future rock stars, athletes, and superheroes of tomorrow. So you need to take care of them to keep their smiles — and their futures — bright.

Children are convinced of their own invincibility. As a proud parent, you understand better than anyone the distinct possibility that you’ll need to make a trip to the dentist urgent care center at any moment, night or day. It’s a fear and a realization you live with from the moment your children can walk.

Dentist Urgent Care to the Rescue

A trip to the dentist urgent care is the stuff that childhood nightmares and adult phobias are made of. But it no longer has to be the terrifying experience that you fear in your dreams. Today’s dentistry is a much softer and pleasanter experience than you may personally remember from your own childhood.

There are literally thousands of reasons that can lead to your child needing a tooth pulled at a dentist urgent care. Trauma damage is actually one of the more common reasons in relation to the follies of youth. Trauma comes with the territory.

Imagine the possibilities: diving board accidents, football games, horseback riding, wrestling matches gone horribly awry. The list is endless, and kids somehow manage to create a few new ones that manage to challenge adult understanding. You just can’t protect your kids 100 percent of the time.


When ER Tooth Care Needs Arise

Say for example, your child knocks out one of his teeth in a death-defying stunt, successfully forcing his tooth back up into his jaw. This is actually more common than you’d likely believe. If this happens, the baby tooth can actually cause damage to the adult tooth underneath.

Other types of dental trauma can even kill the nerves and blood vessels inside of the tooth. These are the times to be thankful for dentist urgent care. Some injuries that cause your child’s tooth to crack, chip or break can lead to infections because they make a way for bacteria to get inside the tooth. If any of these cases are bad enough or if the damage is too extensive, the tooth needs to be extracted.

Good News Arrives

Usually with children, younger kids especially, teeth are a renewable resource. While the situation may have been traumatic, the results don’t necessarily have to be. In other words, there is good news.

Not only will the tooth fairy be paying a visit to your home, but also, with proper dental care, the adult tooth will grow in just fine. Only the childhood memories remain to mark the occasion.

An Ounce of Prevention

Since early extraction of baby teeth can cause problems, it’s critically important that top-notch dental care continues until the adult tooth successfully grows into its proper place. If your child loses a tooth too early, the surrounding teeth may begin drifting into the newly created empty space. If the space becomes too narrow, the lack of room can affect or hinder the eruption of the adult tooth. If this happens, the adult tooth may come in crowded or crooked. If this happens, there may be a trip to the orthodontists ahead.

If your dentist believes there’s a risk of this occurring, your child can easily be fitted with a space maintainer. This small, painless device holds the surrounding teeth apart, maintaining the correct amount of space until the adult tooth is ready to grow into its rightful place.

Trauma’s Not the Only Reason

Although childhood injuries are extremely common reasons for tooth extractions, they aren’t the only reasons. Your dentist urgent care may recommend that an extraction be performed because:

  • An infection was caused by periodontal disease
  • The tooth is significantly decayed
  • The tooth has become impacted or stuck in your child’s mouth
  • There is delayed exfoliation
  • An orthodontist requested it

Your Child Is in Good Hands

Relax. Tooth extractions are pretty easy procedures. They don’t take long to complete. You can choose whichever kind of sedation you’re most comfortable with your child receiving:

  • Nitrous oxide
  • Oral sedation
  • General anesthesia

Sedation eases your child’s anxiety, as well as prevents him from experiencing any pain or discomfort. Your child also receives local anesthetic near and around the troubled tooth. This keeps him from feeling any pain at all. By the time the sedation has worn off, the procedure’s long over. Your child may just want to take a nice long nap.

Because you’ve chosen dentist urgent care, you can be assured that your child’s comfort is a high priority. Your dentist works only with kids and knows how to meet them where they are. The staff is specifically trained in dealing with kids. Even the ambiance in the office is geared specifically to calm children.

On the Mend

After the extraction is finished and the tooth has been successfully removed, your kids dentist uses gauze to soak up any fluids and help stop the bleeding. You should keep the gauze in place for at least an hour or until you’re not seeing any more bleeding. You may choose to apply ice to his face to limit swelling. Soft foods are recommended for the first few days. But no straws are allowed. And limit physical activities for at least the remainder of the day.

Kids are resilient. Yours may not be back on his feet the same day, but he’ll definitely be back to normal in a few days at the absolute latest. Make sure he continues brushing and flossing as normal as possible to prevent infection from setting in.

It’s All Over Now

Extracting teeth is an extremely common, routine procedure. When trusted to the knowledge and skill of dentist urgent care specialists, there’s absolutely nothing to fear. You’ve brought your child to the right place.

The main goal of the dentist is to preserve the best oral health of your child. Usually, this means maintaining natural teeth and keeping them as healthy as possible. However, sometimes, for whatever reason, it’s in your child’s best interest for a tooth to be removed.